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Warren Brown Sportsmanship Award

Warren Brown was a UNH student who volunteered within DYHA as a student coach.  He taught not only the basics of the game, but encouraged all his students to work hard and set a good example both on and off the ice. In 1973, he was killed in an automobile accident while travelling home to Ontario with 2 UNH teammates for the Christmas holidays. His passion for the game of hockey and his level of sportsmanship not only left a lasting mark on all his students, but on our entire organization.
Each year, every full-season travel team within our organization selects one player that has best emulated the qualities that Warren Brown brought to the ice surface every day. This player is the most supportive of their entire team and they strive to make the team a better unit. They may not score the most goals or be the best all around athlete, but they are the best teammate. The award is voted on by the players only, no coach input is provided.

For the 2012-13 Season, DYHA is proud to announce the following Warren Brown recipients:
Mite Major: Matthew Wood
Squirt Select: Crosby Smith
Squirt Minor: Alex Dureau
Squirt Major: Colby Walsh
Pee Wee Select 00/01: Brad Weit / Garret Barton
Pee Wee Select 00: Henry Honkonen
Pee Wee Minor: Baxter Kimball
Pee Wee Major: Will Perry
Bantam Select: 
DJ Leary
Bantam Minor: Ben Coate
Bantam Major: Dale Smith
Girls U14: Katherine Bertolini


Past Recipients

2011-12 Season

Mite Major:   Oliver Stevens
Squirt Select:  Laura Henderson
Squirt Minor:  Kyle Franey
Squirt Major:  Brendan Tersolo
Pee Wee Select:  Liam Collins
Pee Wee Minor:  Brett Dodier
Pee Wee Major:  Christian Torr
Bantam Select: Garrett Downs
Bantam Minor:  Tom Appleton
Girls U14-Gold:  Julia Caple
Girls U14-Green:  Eleanor Cifrino

2010-11 Season
Mite 1: Kyle Franey
Mite 2: Douglas Gnall
Squirt 1: Jake Martin
Squirt 2: Joe Graziano
Pee Wee 1: Jared Turgeon
Pee Wee 2: Hunter Zabkar
Bantam 1: Brad Bishop
Bantam 2: Conor Ochs
Girls U12: Maria Carter
Girls U14: Katherine Bertoloni

2009-10 Season
Mite 1:  Jaylyn Jewell
Mite 2:  Tyler Shelgren
Squirt 1:  Jake Martin
Squirt 2:  Oliver Broadrick
Pee Wee 1:  Sam Sweet
Pee Wee 2:  Ryan Bailey
Pee Wee 3:  Joseph Dintino
Bantam 1:  Tyler Gagnon
Bantam 2:  Seth Wyskiel
Bantam 3:  Brad Bishop
Girls U12:  Kendall Carr
Girls U14:  Christina Grassie

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